About Us

This website is an exciting sister service to Chilli Promotional Products (www.chillipromotions.co.uk), which allows you to order promotional items online, with NO MINIMUM order quantities! 

If you just want a small number of promotional items, printed with your company name or logo, or a specific message for a current campaign, and you want the flexibility to order what you want, when you want it and have it delivered directly to you then this could be just what you are looking for! 

Using the most up to date web to print technology enables us to print, directly from the order you place online.  It's quick, straightforward to use, and means you are not tied into the high minimum order quantities traditionally associated with promotional products. 

The process uses a medium resolution digital print, so please be aware that the print will not be the same as a lithographic print, but it also doesn't have the associated costs.  Please email if you need a sample providing. 

Products available include Pens, Golf Products, Mints, Ice Scrapers, Bottle Openers, Keyrings, Trolley Coins,iPhone Cases and so much more! Why not take a look and see what you think?

If you want higher volumes, why not take a look at www.chillipromotions.co.uk or get in touch with us... we'd love to hear from you.